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Amino acids and derivatives food supplement

NutriXam® FMS is a special highly-soluble micronized formulation indicated to correct metabolic deficiencies in subjects who are unable to produce sufficient quantities of albumin.


The insufficient introduction of amino acids, in particular of those defined essential, is a frequent condition, because they are minimally present in food proteins and so it tends to become even more critical with advancing age.

When digestive enzymatic processes are compromised, such as after a pancreatectomy and in almost all diseases of the pancreas, protein malnutrition becomes a dramatic condition and the resulting hypoalbuminemia affects both the morbidity and mortality of patients. Albumin is the biochemical parameter used as benchmark by the international scientific community to define the state of malnutrition and even cachexia, a serious disorder characterized by a dramatic loss of muscle mass (involuntary excessive weight loss) and resistance to any treatment. The precondition for normal protein synthesis is the full availability of essential amino acids and this is precisely the purpose of the product NutriXam® FMS. It is indicated to correct the metabolic deficiencies of those who are unable to produce sufficient quantities of albumin. Today, for economic reasons, the direct dosage of albumin is destined to patients who have excessively low values, but the experienced clinician should not wait for the diagnosis of cachexia to intervene.

Product Description

NutriXam® FMS is an amino acids supplement, mainly essential amino acids and derivatives (ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate), recommended in protein malnutrition from reduced introduction or increased metabolic consumption of amino acids and in conditions of altered protein metabolism identifiable with reduced laboratory plasma albumin (‹3.5 g/L).

It also contains as sulfur AAs, non-essential AAs, such as cysteine, serine and acetylcysteine to minimize the transformation of methionine into homocysteine, to maintain active and regulate folic acid and to optimize the synthesis of antioxidants, particularly of glutathione.

The supplementation of ornithine, a “metabolic” amino acid absent in food, is useful to optimize the use of nitrogen in synthetic purposes, but this also counteracts the accumulation of ammonium ions, which are formed by the catabolism of the amino acids in cells and in plasma. The association with alpha-ketoglutarate expands the metabolic properties of the mixture by promoting local endogenous synthesis, there where it is needed, of glutamine, proline and arginine.

NutriXam® FMS does not contain phosphate, glutamine nor arginine, and therefore, as your doctor can explain to you, it is also indicated in patients with severely compromised renal function. It does not contain aspartame, acesulfame, saccharin or cyclamates.


30 x 6.5 g sachets; 1 sachet = 5.175 g of amino acids


 2 sachets daily (equivalent to 10 g of amino acids) to be taken separately. According to patient’s response, the dose can be reduced to 1 sachet/day (equivalent to 5 g of amino acids). The product should be preferably administered between meals.

Product included in the Register of supplements of the Italian Ministry of Health – Code 79758