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Amino acids food supplement

NutriXam® is a amino acids mixture, including mostly essential amino acids, designed to harmonize and balance metabolism even in the more extreme conditions.

The rationale

Since the early studies on branched amino acids, we at NutriResearch have learned to compose increasingly balanced, complex and efficient mixtures, which include all essential amino acids (EAAs), not only the branched ones, and to use some of the non-essentials.

Thanks to its innovative formula, NutriXam® is able to correct malnutrition by promoting protein synthesis.

It should be remembered that malnutrition alters/reduces the synthesis of all proteins, but the reduced synthesis of some of them is particularly relevant. In fact, protein malnutrition is characterized by lack of red blood cells and haemoglobin synthesis (anaemia)(1,2), actin and myosin (loss of muscle mass, i.e. sarcopenia) and mioglobin(3), an essential protein for storing oxygen inside the muscles as opposed to their integrity in case of lack of oxygen. EAAs are fundamental for the maintenance of antioxidant systems, but also to adjust the balance between the synthesis of new proteins and elimination of worn proteins (autophagy)(4).

Product Description

NutriXam® is an amino acids food supplement, mostly EAAs, indicated in all the conditions of increased need to correct a reduced nutritional intake.

The special mixture of NutriXam®:

  • OPTIMIZES the ratio between the branched chain amino acids and other EAAs;
  • BRINGS a more appropriate share of histidine to promote the synthesis of muscle proteins (actin-myosin) and deputies to transport proteins and the formation of oxygen reserves (Hgb and myoglobin);
  • CONTAINS adequate amounts of tryptophan, an important amino acid to stimulate the synthesis of albumin;
  • OFFERS a proper ratio between methionine and cysteine which positively influences the folate-B12 system whose deficiency is documented by the increase of homocysteine in blood;
  • PROVIDES a balanced share of serine to keep the folate-B12 active system, reducing homocysteine, and to promote, in the presence of N-acetylcysteine, glutathione synthesis (Gsh).


 32 x 5,2 g sachets


200 x 900 mg tablets


Sachets: 2 sachets daily (equivalent to 8 g of amino acids) to be taken separately; tablets: 5 daily. According to patient’s response, the dose can be reduced to half. The product should be preferably administered between meals.

Product included in the Register of supplements of the Italian Ministry of Health – Code 76964


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