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Amino acids. Letters of an alphabet more ancient than life

Now available the new Italian edition of Prof. Dioguardi’s book.

It has been published the new Italian edition of the authoritative book on amino acids by Professor Francesco Saverio Dioguardi. In 16 well-documented Chapters, the book explores in detail the nature, role, and functions of amino acids – the structural units that make up proteins or, as Prof. Dioguardi intriguingly puts it, “letters of an alphabet more ancient than life”.

The 9 so-called “essential” amino acids (EAAs) play a crucial role in several biological processes and are required to form all the others non-essential amino acids. EAAs have to be introduced by diet, since our organs are not able to synthetize them. In his book Prof. Dioguardi pays special attention to the importante of a correct dietary supplementation of EAAs, presenting the evidence-based benefits of specific well-balanced mixtures and discussing intriguing present and future perspectives in sport, clinical nutrition and oncology.

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